Strategic Management System

In times of permanent change, the foundations of an organization must remain stable. The overall definition of goals, core markets, general frameworks as well as the outlining of the company strategy all belong to some of the management’s most important responsibilities.

Generating a strategic management system is an iterative process that differentiates it substantially from a one-time-action. Here the focus should be set on the concept itself, as well as on the goal of achieving buy-in from managers and acceptance from employees. This requires modern business methods in addition to soft skills for dealing with people. Only then can the necessary transformation take place.

IBB’s strategic management system is based on Strategic Success Positions (SSP). SSP are dominant capabilities that are created in a reflective process, that allow organizational units to achieve competitive advantages as well as above-average results on a long term basis.

Our portfolio of consulting services includes the completion of prospective market studies, the development of company missions, forward-thinking workshops, organizational and management structures, as well as guidelines for communication and information.

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